packing: done

my luggage looks bloated but i fit more things into it than i expected. surprisingly, it’s not a problem of a weight.

it’s so strange going back. i’m kind of too excited i think. but i want to see the family there, my friends, and kind of just leave this place i’ve been living for the past 7 years or so! in Grenoble i’m independent, i cook, i clean (here my mum does EVERYTHING for me) i go tonuniversity, i work, i read books, play piano, travel around france, SKII (!!), even speak french (i know right, crazy?!?). There’s a whole new me that is so different from the me who lives here. And I think I like the mature independent me more than the girl who lives with her parents and doesn’t do anything. Life in London does seem to fly away too fast…

i think of summer, and when i will come back and some of my best friends will be gone… and well some of them may even become MORE distant than they are now. what will be life like then? now i think i may be sad to leave France and leave the mature me behind. but then i really doubt it because just after a few months i don’t think i’ve ever been so happy to be back home (maybe only after the trip to China). it’s something to think about, i hope there will be something i will have to look forward to… but i think i might have to start planning and saving money now!